Happy New Year 2021

A few years ago, after moving to Southern Alberta, I was set to settle into a writer’s life– hiking in the mountains, paddling, fishing, wandering wherever the road led and writing. But on several hikes, I thought, Is this all there is? It wasn’t satisfying. I felt there was more to do. And I couldn’t write.

I decided to enrol in university and complete a degree in English Literature. I felt that it was the only way to grow as a writer. There is nothing like pressure to make me write. Looking back, I have written an astonishing amount including many essays for courses.

Over the past week, I compiled and submitted two poetry collections. One is a poetry collection for children, and the other is a poetry collection for adults. I wrote about 130 poems over the past three years. There are 14 in the children’s collection, and 91 in the adult collection. I also submitted another children’s book manuscript for consideration.

I was happy to have two poems accepted for the (M)othering Anthology last year (forthcoming from Inanna Publications in 2022), and to have been accepted for a project called “Art In Conversation” hosted by Arts Council Wood Buffalo for which I earned a commission to produce a short story called “The Penny.” In addition, a picture book manuscript is accepted for publication with a small press, forthcoming in 2021.

My goal for 2021 is to edit several of my rough-draft novels, two of which I worked on for university creative writing courses. I also need to edit my collection of columns, which will become a memoir.

The past few years have had incredible challenges, too, but I do not dwell on those. Instead, I see how much my family and I have grown over these years, and I am thankful. And I hope now, finally, I can settle down and have a productive writer’s life.

Southern Moon

The southern moon beams over the pastures

and the grass is slightly browning as a cool autumn evening puts it to sleep

All the trees say hello

One by one I touch their needles

and thank them

for coming to live with us

I wish them more growth

I know it is not too much to ask

they are already stretching taller

They drop their needles to feed the soil

where a labyrinth of burrows 

are full of furry flurries in preparation for winter

I think of Emily’s blue-bottle buzzing when she died

but I’m nowhere near

for I have come

back now

back to this southern moon

where I have living

to do

I hope 2021 will be full of good health, joy, and success for you and for me. As I heard recently, there is enough success to go around.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2021”

  1. Wow! You have been very busy. Congratulations on your many accomplishments; it is so satisfying and inspiring to have your work recognized. I have been using a wonderful editor (Tanis) out of Edmonton, – she has taught me a lot. Happy New Year.


    1. Thanks, Dan! Glad you are writing and using an editor. I’m looking forward to hearing your stories again in future. I’m back in the Foothills and loving it. Be well, my friend.


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