writing to show change

Sometimes writers and writing are way too serious!

I just don’t want to write if it isn’t going to be fun. I like to think about what I enjoy, and write about it.

I also think about what I’d like to read, and what kids would like to read.

While I imagine mostly happy endings, getting there for my characters isn’t easy. In fact, everything goes wonky. That’s what makes a good tale.

The simplest story is:

Someone WANTS something / someone can’t get that thing = conflict

They find TROUBLE when they go on a journey to find what they want, or

trouble comes to town.

Another simple plot is about CHANGE:

This is the way life is here and now. Go into great detail about very specific things in that life. Then suddenly, life changes because of forces outside the person, or the person does something to change their life.

This type of story is mainly about showing change and how the character deals with it.

Words are cool; words are fun.

Have fun writing! Play around with different kinds of stories.

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