Paddle Boarding


I love trying new things. The Builder (my husband) and I borrowed two inflatable boards. The girl said, “If you do yoga for two weeks, you’ll be strong enough.” No problem. I can do that.

When we got to the lake, the wind was howling. No problem. The Builder said we should point the boards into the wind. (He was probably thinking about the time we took out wind-surfers and I got stuck in the middle of the lake. He’d towed me back to shore.) I decided to sit on the board and straddle it while paddling. The Builder, who doesn’t do yoga, had to kneel. We paddled like mad to get from one end of the beach to the other. It was fabulous being out in the summer sun even with the brewing gale. The humid air coated my skin, and the fresh green fragrance from the surrounding forest filled my nose and mouth.

We stopped and chatted for a while, enjoying the waves, then decided to paddle back to our start point. Looking up, the wind had already pushed us almost all the way back.

The Builder stood, wobbled, and paddled, his form a perfect sail catching the wind. He rushed along the water.

No way. I wasn’t standing, but I hopped off the board and enjoyed a swim to shallow water, the board tethered to my ankle.

This photo is not us. Maybe next time?

When have you tried something new?

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