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I think it is beneficial to make research sources available to readers of Escape from the Wildfire, in case anyone would like to further research the topic. Dr. Jeans was my university Physical Geography professor, and he presented at the Writers’ Guild of Alberta annual conference (spring 2022) on responsible coverage of climate in media. He provided these notes and gave his permission to publish them on this website. I should add that I don’t personally endorse any of the authors or specific viewpoints expressed by any one source. My interest is in reading and viewing as many sources as possible is to gain a wide perspective. Escape from the Wildfire attempts to present climate similarly– as a complex issue.

The Further Study notes at the back of the book list different sources than these. – D. Bentley

Writers Guild of Alberta (WGA) Annual Conference 2022: Shifting Creative Gears, workshop. 

Weather, Climate, Environment, … of this World or Others

by Stephen Jeans, PhD

Weather, Climate, and Environment Reads 

An undergraduate physical geography textbook is typically a good source for information about  weather, climate, and environmental systems of our planet. The following are suggestions.  

Arbogast, A.F., Ford, L., and Dagesse, D. (2017). Discovering Physical Geography: Canadian  edition. Wiley. 

Christopherson, R.W., Birkeland, G., Byrne, M.-L., and Giles, P. (2019). Geosystems: An  introduction to physical geography (Updated 4th Canadian edition). Pearson Canada Inc. 

Gervais, B. (2019). Living Physical Geography, Second Edition. W.H. Freeman & Company  (Macmillan Learning). 

Atmosphere on Other Worlds Reads 

Weather, climate, and environmental conditions are terms for processes that happen on many  worlds, including Earth. These reads are detailed examinations of such natural processes.  

Ingersoll, A. (2013). Planetary Climates. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.  

Pierrehumbert, R.T. (2012). Principles of Planetary Climate. New York, NY: Cambridge University  Press.  

Stevenson, D.S. (2016). The Exo-Weather Report: Exploring diverse atmospheric phenomena  around the Universe. Switzerland: Springer International Publishing. 

Climate Change Reads 

There is no definitive source for this wickedly complex topic area. Of the copious tomes, from  wildly different viewpoints, interpretations, and perspectives, a few suggestions are below.  

Ball, T. (2016). Human Caused Global Warming: The biggest deception in history. Victoria, BC:  Tellwell Talent.  

Brown L.R. (2011). World on the Edge: How to prevent environmental and economic collapse.  USA: Earth Policy Institute. 

Carlin, A. (2015). Environmentalism Gone Mad: How a Sierra Club activist and senior EPA  analyst discovered a radical green energy fantasy. Mount Vernon, WA: Stairway Press. 

Gregerson, J. (2022). Climate Action Challenge: A proven plan for launching your eco-initiative in  90 days. Denver, CO: Positive Energy Works. 

Hawken, P., ed. (2017). Drawdown: The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse  global warming. New York, NY: Penguin Random House LLC. 

Hayhoe K. (2021). Saving Us: A climate scientist’s case for hope and healing in a divided world.  New York, NY: One Signal Publishers (Simon and Schuster).  

Johnson, A.E., and Wilkinson, K.K. (2020). All We Can Save: Truth, courage, and solutions for the  climate crisis. New York, NY: One World (Random House).  

Klaus, V. (2007) Blue Planet in Green Shackles: What is Endangered: Climate or freedom? Washington, DC: Competitive Enterprise Institute. 

Klein, N. (2014). This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the climate. Toronto, ON: Alfred A.  Knopf Canada (Random House of Canada Limited).  

Kolbert, E. (2015). The Sixth Extinction: An unnatural history. New York, NY: Picador.  

Koonin, S.E. (2021). Unsettled: What climate science tells us, what it doesn’t, and why it  matters. Dallas, TX: BenBella Books Inc.  

Lomborg, B. (2020). False Alarm: How climate change panic costs us trillions, hurts the poor,  and fails to fix the planet. New York, NY: Basic Books.  

Lovejoy, T.E., and Hannah, L., eds. (2019). Biodiversity and Climate Change: Transforming the  biosphere. New Haven: Yale University Press. 

Marshall, G. (2014). Don’t Even Think About It: Why our brains are wired to ignore climate  change. New York, NY: Bloomsbury USA. 

Oreskes, N., and Conway, E.M. (2010). Merchants of Doubt: How a handful of scientists  obscured the truth on issues from tobacco smoke to global warming. New York, NY: Bloomsbury  Press. 

Shellenberger, M. (2020). Apocalypse Never: Why environmental alarmism hurts us all. New  York, NY: Harper Collins Publishers.

Kimmerer, R.W. (2015). Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous wisdom, scientific knowledge and the  teachings of plants. Minneapolis, MN: Milkweed Editions. 

Wallace-Wells, D. (2019). The Uninhabitable Earth: Life after warming. Tim Duggan Books  (Penguin Random House LLC). 

Ward, P.L. (2016). What Really Causes Global Warming? Greenhouse gases or ozone depletion? New York, NY: Morgan James Publishing. 

Weart, S.R. (2008). The Discovery of Global Warming: Revised and expanded edition.  Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. 

Weather and Climate Video 

A simple and direct distinction made between weather and climate, then explaining how the  science of climate studies utilizes remote sensing to monitor planetary changes.  

Weather vs. Climate | ESA Meet the experts, 7:05 (2020) 

Climate Change Videos 

Along the spectrum of viewpoints on the issue, each of these digital resources represents a  distinct viewpoint. This collection is merely a sampling and not definitive on the topic.  

Is There Really a Climate Emergency? | PragerU, 5:32 (2021)  

Ben Shapiro Destroys Climate Change Argument | Young America’s Foundation, 3:59 (2022) 

Let the environment guide our development, Johan Rockstrom | TED, 18:41 (2010) 

Mitigation of Climate Change Report 2022: “Litany of broken climate promises” UN Chief |  United Nations, 5:12 (2022) 

Climate Change – A Short Film | DJI Captures, 3:37 (2021) 


Read Escape from the Wildfire to see how a resilient teen and his village adapt to climate change.

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