Recently Published or in the Queue

Poetry and Fiction


Poems “Tamarindo,” “Kalani,” and “Through the Lemon Trees” have all been accepted for inclusion in Issue 24, of NorthWord, a literary journal of Canada’s north.

Children’s chapter book, “surprise title!” accepted for publication with Fitzhenry & Whiteside Book Publishers, Toronto, Ontario. June 2021. Publication date: to be determined.

“Four Poems on The Good Life,” poetry. Accepted for publication in The Good Life Literary Review. February 2021.

“Naissance,” and “Full Body Tattoo.” Poetry, (M)othering Anthology. Accepted for publication Winter 2020. To be published by Inanna Publishers, 2022.

The Penny,” short story, produced on commission with the “Art of Conversation” project, Arts Council Wood Buffalo, June 2020.

“The Funeral,” short story, and “Psalm of Spring,” poetry. Ambrosia Literary Review. Spring 2020.

“Singing,” poetry. NorthWord, a literary journal of Canada’s north, Issue 21. Winter 2019.

Summer North Coming and Winter North Coming. Accepted for publication 2016. Released September 2019, Fitzhenry & Whiteside Book Publishers, Toronto. Read more about this picture book here.

“Packing for an Emergency,” poetry. Arts Council Wood Buffalo, Arts Recovery Project, Healing Through Creativity. May 2019. Displayed at the Keyano College Art Gallery.

Climbing Music Mountain,” poetry. NorthWord, Volume 3, Issue 3. Winter 2016.

Yadera,” short story, and “Name Change,” poetry. NorthWorda literary journal of Canada’s north, Volume 3, Issue 2. Winter 2015.

Wood Buffalo’s Words in Motion poetry contest, winner, 2015. “Summer North Coming,” poetry.


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