Write about your pet!

Our dog O’Malley is so friendly, especially with female dogs, that he doesn’t differentiate between tame family pets and a wild fox. A vixen lives in the tall grass behind our place, and she often prances around looking for mice.

O’Malley sees her and does his own little dance along the fence, wanting to go and play.

I wrote a little sonnet about them, calling it Fox and Hound Sonnet even though he isn’t a hound; he’s a Sheltie.


Fox and Hound Sonnet


Her coat is silver in the midnight luminescence.

She hunts for mice scurrying hole to hidden hole;

her midriff tells the tale of soon becoming mother,

for kits to come when spring should bring mild weather.


The fox patrols along the waving grasses and the shrubs.

She stands motionless intent on securing food for all,

when eventually a mouse or vole appears, she pounces,

death’s bite given to ease the rodent’s journey.


My hound prances at the fence completely enthralled.

He’s in love, how can he resist her beautiful paws!

Her tail bushes large as her body, her eyes like acorns,

she tempts this sire to devote his life to adoration.


An old tale, fox and hound, star-crossed lovers;

the fox continues to hunt, while my hound comes in for dinner.


O’Malley, our puppy.


Try your own poem or short story about your pet!

If you can’t remember how a sonnet works, check this POST about sonnets.