Escape from the Wildfire 

YA novel, Escape from the Wildfire, published September, 2022. Ages 11-18 (and up) due to dramatic depiction of an environmental disaster. Order school copies from Lorimer Kids & Teens, find classroom study helps, and book an author visit.

From the publisher’s website:

Escape from the Wildfire offers a fictional account based on the real-life facts of the disastrous wildfire of 2021 that destroyed the town of Lytton after days of scorching heat. Dorothy Bentley’s own experiences of living through a wildfire led her to research the experience of Lytton residents so she could write the story of a resilient teen surviving an environmental catastrophe.

The summer of 2021 is hot even for B.C.’s arid interior under a record-breaking heat dome. Fourteen-year-old Jack hangs out with his friends Scott, Tess, and Indigenous teen Rory. On June 30, a wildfire inferno descends with horrifying suddenness. Jack must flee for his life, evacuated to a nearby town. Jack and his friends are aware of the context and possible causes of the wildfire He must come to terms with the loss of his entire village, the idea of starting all over again, and the need to change how we interact with the climate we depend on to survive.

Dorothy Bentley has written an adventure story for our time.

From the author:

Donate to the Lytton Rebuild Fund. Even if some move away for good, there are people who live there and intend to stay.

10% of author proceeds will be donated to the village rebuild.

Invite the author to your school.

Donate to Tree Canada.

Climate Research

Climate information is diverse and complex. Read as many books and articles on the issue as possible, and watch as many videos on different sides of the issue to get an overall view. There are no simple causes or simple solutions.

Check out Dorothy’s blog post on suggested research.

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