2022: And, that’s a wrap.

I hope this December finds you well.

It’s been a crazy busy year. I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot on one hand; but on the other, I’m just getting started. I’ve finally transitioned to being a full-time writer, which means there are endless distractions at home to deal with. But it also means that when I glue myself to my chair, I can get a lot done. Last year, I wrote four short novels for kids: three middle-grade stories, and one YA story. From that, just one is published so far. I had a request from a publisher for a full (manuscript), and a previous publisher is open to my next submission.

On a different note, It’s been challenging and fun to learn to live full time with my partner who is spending much more time at home. We’re conquering home projects and planning trips. I can’t wait to travel again!

My most satisfying moment this past year, however, was being short-listed for the Wood Buffalo Excellence in Arts Awards, in Literary Arts. It’s bittersweet, since I’ll never be nominated again because I’ve now fully moved down south to live in the Foothills. For those who have never lived in the North, it’s difficult to understand how one can like and then miss the North. It is an acquired taste. It slowly seeps into your heart: there’s a deep quiet, hidden supernatural beauty, and vast spectacular aurora borealis that get into bones and colours dreams. It was home for over 30 years, and some of it was distilled down into a sparse poetry picture book (Summer North Coming). Alas– life is about growing and change, and I say: bring it on. I have more stories to share with the world.

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