Dorothy grew-up in Southern Ontario where she discovered a love of nature, books, and scribbling words. Transplanted to Alberta, she is a previous freelance writer of articles, cartoons, and columns and has recently shifted to writing solely poetry and fiction. Her writings regularly appear in literary journals and her picture book, Summer North Coming was released in 2019 by Fitzhenry & Whiteside. Her YA novel, Escape from the Wildfire, will be released by Lorimer Kids & Teens on September 2, 2022. She loves being outdoors, travel, pets, and sharing meals with family and friends.
She and her husband live in Alberta. Her stories are often based on her personal experiences and her storytelling style evolved through her interaction with children and books while teaching English and other subjects to small groups of children and adults.

Media bio:

Dorothy Bentley was born in Southern Ontario and has made Alberta her home for many years. She has taught creative writing, written a newspaper column, and now works for the Writer’s Guild of Alberta.

A nature enthusiast, she enjoys outdoor activities and is an advocate of tree planting. Surviving the trauma of a devastating wildfire herself inspired her to research and write about the topic. She is also the author of a picture book for young readers, Summer North Coming, Winter North Coming, released in 2019. She lives near Okotoks, Alberta.

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