Dorothy is currently writing poems, cartoons, and longer stories.

To see a list of recently published poems and stories, click Here.

Write for the Joy of it!

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Short Bio:

When not enjoying the Birchwood Trails in Wood Buffalo, Dorothy Bentley is in and around Calgary. She enjoys promoting Alberta authors through her work with the Writers’ Guild of Alberta almost as much as scribbling poems and stories. Her poetry picture book, Summer North Coming was published in 2019 by Fitzhenry & Whiteside, and her new middle-grade chapbook is forthcoming. www.dorothybentley.ca

A slightly longer Bio:

Dorothy appeared first in Southern Ontario where she grew to love nature, books, and scribbling words. A previous freelance writer of articles, cartoons, and columns, she has recently shifted to writing solely poetry and fiction. Her writings regularly appear in literary publications and her first picture book, Summer North Coming, was released in 2019 by Fitzhenry & Whiteside. To hone her writing skills and knowledge of literature, she returned to university and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Her first chapbook, a middle-grade story, is forthcoming from Fitzhenry & Whiteside.


Dorothy in the media:

The Voice online magazine (She has now completed her degree.)

Centre Stage with Arts Council Wood Buffalo

Welcome to new staff at the Writers’ Guild of Alberta



Millie (the Calico Cat) and Bo (the Orange Tabby)
Millie and Bo kind of sharing a chair!

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