Dorothy grew up in Southern Ontario near fruit orchards and Niagara Falls, and now calls Alberta’s Foothills home.

When she was a kid, her mother took her to a large stone library with rooms where the ceiling was a mile away. She’d wander around and open appealing-looking books. When no-one was looking, she’d fall into books and disappear for hours. Her mother didn’t notice because she was too busy balancing her own pile of books.

She also likes to draw and she’d draw cartoons at times to go along with her imagined stories.

Her short stories deal with current themes, her poetry is often inspired by past eras and poets, her books for children include fantastical, sentimental, and nostalgic ideas.

Previously a family columnist published in a Saturday edition newspaper, and in another one monthly, her articles and interviews have appeared in small periodicals in Canada and the U.S. for over a decade.

To see a list of recently published poems and stories, click Here.

She currently writes poetry, short stories, middle-grade, picture books, and thinking about drawing cartoons again. Because if writing and drawing isn’t fun, why do it?

Write for the Joy of it!

Bachelor of Arts, English (Literature, Writing, Education)

Previous experience writing, editing, and managing publications.

Find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Dorothy in the media:

The Voice online magazine (She has now completed her degree.)

Centre Stage with Arts Council Wood Buffalo

Welcome to new staff at the Writers’ Guild of Alberta

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